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Our goal is to help you find that sweet spot where aesthetics, performance and

health meet.

  • Senior Coach

    Every week
    Weekly subscription
    • 1:1 coaching
    • Weekly check-ins
    • $10.42/day
    • You will be assigned to one of our two senior coaches
    • For those who want coaches with more experience and efficacy
  • Senior Coach

    Monthly subscription
    • 1:1 coaching
    • Weekly check-ins
    • $9.89/day
    • You will be assigned to one of our two senior coaches
    • For those who want coaches with more experience and efficacy
  • Nutrition Coach

    Every week
    Weekly subscription
    • 1:1 coaching
    • Weekly check-ins
    • Paying weekly ($8.42/day)
  • Nutrition Coach

    Every month
    Monthly subscription
    • 1:1 coaching
    • Weekly check-ins
    • Paying monthly ($7.86/day)


Asking for help is a power move so first of all, well done for reaching out. 


You will be set up with a coach who will get to know you very well, everything is tailored to you as an individual.

Our conversations are not limited to food, we can talk about anything from training, relationships, sleep, sex, stress, periods and anything else that can help improve your overall health.


We want to give you time to establish new habits and begin to adjust to this new version of yourself, it really is about behaviour and identity for a lot of these lifestyle changes.

There is a two week grace period for the minimum.


1. When you sign up you will be assigned to a coach that is the right fit for you then your coach will email you to book in your initial phone call.

2. Each week you will complete an online check-in which involves reflecting on what went well in the previous week and what you want to improve of for the coming week.

3. Your coach will send you really in depth feedback and respond to all the challenges you had and give you some next-level support to help you keep pushing forward towards your goals.

4. There will be a rough patch, we expect it, this is where we need our coaches the most and it's why we ask for 12 week initial commitment. It's not about smashing it when life is perfect, it's about finding consistency when life is messy.


What Jessica said...

"I have always put my family first and this has been the one thing I have done for myself and my health."

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Jen Flack

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Athlete - dog mum - all-round badass


Olivia Hampton

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Cert 4 Nutrition | Cert 4 Fitness

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When we first started, I felt like I kind of had control over my nutrition, that I just needed help with accountability and it would be easy as pie.

But I've come to realise that I was lacking in so many areas and that these all played a part. And that nutrition is so much easier when planning, stress and sleep are all in alignment. 


And that accountability is only a small part of the picture - I actually needed knowledge and to overcome mental hurdles first.

December vs February 

Bust: 96cm --> 93.5cm

Waist: 82cm --> 80.5cm

Hips: 99cm --> 93.5cm

Weight: 81kg --> 74kg

What I have learnt is that I was drinking way less water than what I should have (and this was unknowingly affecting me during training/studying/day to day stuff).  I was actually dehydrated.  


I also learnt that I wasn't aware of or even listening to my hunger cues - so when I thought I was hungry I was actually thirsty/dehydrated.  Or I was hungry but I didn't eat enough protein and carbs to keep my cylinders firing. 


Eating more protein is harder than I thought. But damn it makes me feel better. I also eat way less veggies than I thought I did.  That was really eye opening to me. 


Physically I feel different, more mobile and sprightley and lots more energy overall.  But mental clarity has been the biggest change - I feel stronger and less harsh on myself.  This has helped me enormously with my training. 


I am still a work in progress, but the guilt when I don't workout is disappearing.  I actually see rest/recuperation as a step up the ladder, closer to my goals - whereas before I imagined it as a step backwards and mentally chastised my 'lack of commitment'. 


So for me, these 12 weeks have been more about uncovering my mental hurdles and realising the impact they have in my overall life/health.  And learning to listen and accept that the script can change.

A couple of terms and conditions (aka the fine print)...

Initial commitment and cancelling


The minimum subscription is 12 weeks, the coaching will automatically continue beyond 12 weeks. If you decide you want to cancel within the first 2 weeks, you can cancel obligation free. Beyond that, you agree to complete the full 12 week minimum term. The subscription will continue beyond 12 weeks and be terminated upon the clients request. To cancel, please contact your coach or info@cfkate.com. Terminating your subscription early will incur fees, the fee is the remaining balance of the minimum time requirement.

For example, if you have 6 weeks left of you 12 week initial commitment, you will cover the fees for 6 weeks if you wish to cancel. This is to help our coaches as the fee structure is built around what they charge across a three month period for a 1:1 service. It also covers the administration costs of cancelling a membership and then the subsequent loss in income for that coach. 


Coaching expectations

This is 1:1 coaching with weekly online check-ins. There are no meal plans and there is no in-person coaching. Your coach wants to meet you where you are at, we are happy to discuss doing zoom calls, phone calls and other styles of check-ins, however the program is set up as online check-ins via email. Any requests need to be discussed and agreed upon with your coach. 


Coach access

Our coaches work Monday to Friday with the odd weekend. They are available to you and you are welcome to reach out to them outside of your check-in, we typically take less than 24 hours to reply to you but we encourage our coaches to have boundaries around their time! Please be patient if you contact your coach late at night, early in the morning or on weekends, in these instances they may take more than 24 hours to respond to you. 

Christmas break

We shut down the business for one week every year, this is during Christmas and New Years. Part of signing on with us means that you accept and agree to this, it allows our coaches, who are contractors, to take a week off once a year! At any other point, if your coach is unavailable, you will either be provided with another coach to cover for that period or your membership will be paused until your coach returns. This is extremely rare but can happen. We always endeavour to provide another coach temporarily before we leave you without a coach!