Programming that comes with coaching

Get real coaching and great community.

There are so many great programs out there, you can literally find hundreds of them online. But, it's not the program that makes the difference. Stop looking for cookie-cutter programs and start looking for a coach. It's the feedback, it's the deliberate practice and it's the coaching that makes the difference in the program. 

CFK Programming comes with coaching. That's the difference.


Garage Gym Athlete

1 hour a day, 5 sessions a week, written for home gyms set up with the basics. Comes with options for limited equipment if you do not have a pull up bar or a rower. Full access to coaching group and as much feedback as desired. You control how much feedback you want.

$34AUD/week ($5.90 a day)


Competitive Athlete

A program for those who are trying to get into the top 10% in the open or qualify for semi-finals. This track focuses on high intensity with moderate volume. It requires a fully stocked gym and 1.5-2 hours of training time a day, 5 days a week with an additional day of aerobic capacity training.

$34AUD/week ($5.90 a day)


Affiliate Programming

Classic CrossFit programming written to develop athletes of every level. Brief, warm up, workout and cool down included for 6 sessions a week. We regularly test benchmarks and spend time developing skills in lifting and in gymnastics with detailed progressions. Arm your coaches with programming that helps them give your clients the best hour of their day.