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6 Week Nutrition Course: My Exact System

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Stop going around in circles losing AND REGAINING the same 5kg again and again. Your eating behaviour and psychology have been taken hostage by the diet industry and I intend on unfucking ALL OF IT. 👉 Relearn how to eat without diet mentality or all or nothing habits. 👉 Learn how to nourish your body and look like an athlete. 👉 Eat food for the nutrients it provides your body. 👉 Lose fat in a healthy and effective way. 👉 Create your own 12 month nutrition plan. This is the only nutrition course that addresses the bullshit out there as well as providing you with tools to do things right. It's diet culture put on it's head and emptied out so that you can see food through a totally different lens and finally relax and feel free of the stress of trying to get it right but failing constantly. Because, it's exhausting. Absolutely fucking exhausting, But, it doesn't have to be when you have a PLAN and a SYSTEM for your nutrition. If you want quick fixes, unsustainable diet plans with super low calories [that set you up to regain the weight plus some], if you want "fat burning workouts", this is not the course for you. Something has to change. If you know you need to do something different, if you're not happy with your body or how much food controls you, if you feel like you're on the diet hamster wheel.... Here, we get off. We play the long game. And, we exit the system. A little sneak peak at what's in the course; ✅ How to give up giving up on yourself. ✅ Unlearning diet mentality (this one is for people who have been trying to lose weight since they were 15). ✅ Why your metabolism needs to be addressed before you start anther diet. ✅ Your body's self-defence system. ✅ The three phases of fat loss. ✅ Your nutrition GPS system. ✅ Gut health. ✅ Hormone health. ✅ The alternative to counting calories. ✅ Why you overeat. Special topics: Binge eating and Eating for Performance (CrossFit and Weightlifting)

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