What is the daily time commitment?

45-60 minutes a day for the garage gym program and 60-90 minutes a day for the competitors program, no excessive volume. The focus is on quality and intensity. Not taking a daily beat down with hours upon hours of volume.

Is the programming individualised?

No, it is not programmed for the individual it is programmed for life. The feedback, however, it always individual. 

The needs of a competitive crossfitter and your grandma differ by degree, not kind. The programming has a balance of olympic weightlifting and gymnastics skills as well as classic crossfit workouts that are typically between 5-20 minutes long.

How often do I get coaching or feedback by you?

As often as you like. The feedback is athlete led, you will get out as much as you put in. You can post videos daily and receive feedback daily. You can ask questions daily and receive answers daily.

What equipment is needed?

A minimum of; barbell and plates, skipping rope, a pair of dumbbells, a kettlebell and a box to get started on the garage gym track. For the competitors track, you need access to a fully stocked gym.

How will we communicate or get feedback?

Feedback is provided when you submit your video to the private facebook group. It is provided by Kate or Ben Newland (CF-L3).

How much experience do I need?

Basic knowledge of how to perform the olympic lifts and some gymnastics movements, if you have trained at a CrossFit affiliate for 1-2 months you will be well equipped to take on the program.