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My weight plateaued for 7 weeks!!!

Updated: Apr 5

I did a 10 week weight loss cut and guess how many weeks my weight was stagnant for? 7 WEEKS!! 70% of the time, my weight did N-O-T-H-I-N-G... when we say weight loss isn't linear, we mean it.

I lost 3kg and it was primarily in 3 out of those 10 weeks, but did it mean that there were 7 weeks of no work? Of course not, it just factored in my weight fluctuating around my menstrual cycle and different intake of calories.

Whenever you enter a weight loss phase you need to expect total anarchy. Your weigh-ins day to day mean nothing, we are only comparing week to week averages and EVEN THEN they are still not always going to be going down.

I personally gain 2kg (4lb) in the week or two prior to my period and that's not facoting in other things like eating foods higher in sodium, doing a big day at the gym, weighing myself earlier in the morning or eating late at night prior to a weigh-in... there are many reasons our weight will fluctuate. It's important that we realise these are fluid fluctuations and not body fat fluctuations.

Want to see the whole video which includes my weight and menstrual cycle (extremely important for females to watch this in order to better understand how their cycle will affect a weight loss phase)?

Watch here:

There is a lot of work being done under the hood that you cannot see, so it is crucial that you remain consistent.

Imagine an ice cube set on a table. The room is very cold; in fact, the temperature in the room is zero. Imagine every hour the temperature rises by one degree. For hours, the ice cube doesn’t melt. A person watching might wonder whether the effort of warming the room is having any effect on the ice. They might wonder whether efforts at warming the room are futile. They might not even feel much of a difference in the temperature of the room. After all, a slow change in temperature is not very noticeable. But then, in the hour the room reaches 32 degrees, the ice cube begins to melt. They might think that the change happened immediately, but the change was the accumulated result of all the hours of warming that preceded it.

Just like an ice cube melting, your weight loss will require a high degree of effort before you observe any noticeable change.

Your results are a DELAYED reflection of your effort.

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