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You must do this in order to not lose control with your eating during the holidays

The holidays can make us feel like we have failed our nutrition goals. We feel out of control, we feel like we've ruined our past progress and we start noticing how our body isn't where we want it to be...

Here's why you feel out of control; because you only feel in control when you are perfect.

Something we practice with CFK Nutrition is learning that consistency is actually about tolerating a little inconsistency while continuing to put in effort and move forward (even in those times it feels like you aren't make progress).

The shift we have to make during the holidays is going from out normal 80% effort goal and adjusting down to 60%. Then, and here's the secret, we have to forgive ourselves for the other 40%.

If you don't, if you beat yourself up, you will suffer from all of those thoughts we are probably very familiar with;

"I've ruined my progress"

"I'm so bad at this"

"I have no willpower or discipline"

"I'm broken"

When circumstances changes, so does our behaviour. Now, you can either bully yourself and give your inner critic fuel to burn or you can accept that 60% is still better than nothing.

The funny thing is, for many of us that feel disappointed in anything less than 80% (or 90% or even 100%), sometimes we become so disappointed in a slightly lower effort that we decide to not try at all.

Isn't it crazy to think that 60% is so bad that it equates with 0%??

But, it's easy to understand how 60% *feels* like you're failing... because you are used to aiming for 80% so doing less than that can feel like it's not adequate or up to scratch.

That's why you have to become very good at forgiving yourself.

Your ability to forgive yourself might be the difference between you sticking it out at 60% or giving up completely in yourself and not doing anything.

How do you think not doing anything will work out if you're unhappy with 60%?


Learn to be imperfect, learn to be a little inconsistent, learn to rest when needed but it doesn't require you to give up or become reckless. You can eat "bad" food and still be healthy.

Forgive yourself for not being able to meet your expectations.

Then, forgive yourself for setting such high expectations at this time of year.

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