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CFK Holiday Guide

CFK Holiday Guide

This ebook contains all the tools that we share with our nutrition clients to handle the silly season like a pro. It is a combination of tactical tools to approach events and alcohol as well as language that we all need to support ourselves emotionally through a time of year that can be challenging.


The contents of the guide;


1. Setting your intentions for events. Are you letting food become the star of the show?


2. Five tools for eating out and tackling big events including what to do about alcohol.


3. Why it's important to consider shifting ot maintenance mode and not set unrealistic expectations of weight loss. It is a great time to introduce BAMs (Bare Ass Minimals).


4. Words and affirmations to help sooth any food-xiety that you might be dealing with right now.


5. Learning how to stay calm and carry on after over-eating.


6. Bodyweight workouts for the break. This is perfect to give you some movement that doesn't require access to a gym! There are three workouts that all include scaling.


7. What happens after the celebrations and what to know about post-event weight gain that will help you not throw the baby out with the bath water.


8. A big chat on how we attack the new year when it comes to goals and resolutions. These strategies are really unique so prepare to challenge everything you know about goal-setting!

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