Time to rebuild...

Your new accessories program;

The Comeback Back Injury Program

This program is for an athlete that is limited in what they can do after an acute or chronic back injury.


This program will run alongside your class WODs and the cheat sheet will be your ticket to being able to participate in the class WODs.


This is the ultimate accessory program to help you come back from this injury stronger than you were before.


  • There are three phases; mechanics, consistency and intensity.

  • It is a 12-week guide and covers everything from strength and stability to flexibility and lifestyle.


My system was built after trying to come back from a back injury and failing multiple times before getting it right.


I had a bulged disc and degeneration and this got me back to competing and was the catalyst for me to become the fittest and strongest version of myself. 

Ideal for someone who is cleared by their specialist or GP to return to training and is ready to rebuild their back, core and glutes.

Equipment you need access to;

  • barbell and some plates

  • resistance bands or booty bands

  • GHD (glute-hamstring developer)

  • broomstick or PVC for balance

  • box or step to step onto (pistols)

  • pull-up bar

This can be done alongside classes (if you are also doing classes and need guidance on how to scale, get the cheatsheet).