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I have been crossfitting since 2011 and coaching since 2012. I was invited to join CrossFit Seminar Staff in 2014 and have managed several gyms in Los Angeles, New Zealand and Brisbane over the past decade. I have been a Certified CrossFit Trainer (CF-L3) since 2017.

I was never a crazy sporty kid, I did a bit of dance and some running but, when I stumbled upon crossfit I fell head over heels and haven't looked back since. CrossFit may not be for everybody but it is for anybody, I am walking proof. 

I was always a coach first but have had a successful career in competitive crossfit having competed at the CrossFit Games twice on a team and Sanctionals once as an individual. I continue to compete today and bring this experience to my athletes. 

Why have I been doing it for so long? Because I am yet to find another method as enjoyable and as good at getting results. This is my way of investing in my quality of life when I am 90 years old and still running around with the grandkids instead of being wheeled into a retirement home. Ain't nobody got time for that.


CrossFit Certified Trainer (CF-L3)

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Masters

CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting 1

CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting 2

CrossFit Conjugate Methods (Powerlifting)

CrossFit Sports Specific (Football)

CrossFit Aerobic Capacity (Endurance)

CrossFit Rowing

CrossFit Anatomy (online)

CrossFit Scaling (online)

CrossFit Spot The Flaw (online)

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