That comes with individual feedback and coaching


Are you someone who thrives with good coaching?

What sets this program apart is that you you actually get a coach watching your movement and giving you detailed feedback to help you improve. There are three CFL3 trainers waiting in our private group to respond to your videos and questions.

Ok, let's talk about your programming options - the individual program is made up of two programming tracks that provide you with 6 sessions a week;

1. The Workout of the Day track

2. The Competitors track

You get access to BOTH tracks when you sign up.

If you are someone training at home with limited equipment and you want to get a great training session but be out of the gym within 60 minutes, the Workout of the Day track is designed for you. We use the minimum effective dose.

If you are an intermediate to advanced athlete, a competitive athlete trying to get into the top 10% or you are a competitive Masters athlete, the competitors track would be perfect for you. The competitors track has additional volume, complexity, weightlifting and gymnastics work. If you have access to a well stocked gym and 1-2 hours a day, choose this track. This is working closer to the maximum recoverable dose.

Unsure? Start with 2-3 weeks on the Workout of the Day track and if you can tolerate the intensity with the ability to fully recover then shift over to the Competitors track.

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    Individual Coaching

    Every week
    Programming + Individualized Feedback
    • 6 days of full programming each week
    • Personal Feedback & Coaching
    • Online community
    • 1:1 calls
    • CFL3 coaches for support
    • Intensity > volume
    • Technique > intensity
  • Nutrition Coaching

    Every week
    $7.86/day for individual coaching and support
    • 1:1 coaching
    • Online check-ins
    • Calls with your coach
    • No cookie-cutter diets
    • Where health, aesthetics and performance meets
    • Accountability and education
    • Sustainability is the number one priority


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