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Back Injury Bundle; Rehab Program + Training Modifications System

Back Injury Bundle; Rehab Program + Training Modifications System

Back Program


This program is for an athlete that is limited in what they can do after an acute or chronic back injury. Ideal for someone who is cleared by their specialist or GP to return to training and is ready to rebuild their back, core and glutes. This program will run alongside your class WODs and the cheat sheet will be your ticket to being able to participate in the class WODs. This is the ultimate accessory program to help you come back from this injury stronger than you were before. There are three phases; mechanics, consistency and intensity. It is a 12 week guide and covers everything from strength and stability to flexibility and lifestyle. My system was built after trying to come back from a back injury and failing multiple times before getting it right. It got me back to competing and was the catalyst for me to become the fittest and strongest version of myself. 


Cheat Sheet


The most frustrating part of being injured is trying to figure out how to work around your injury. It's going into class and reading what the workout is, only to see that you can't do half of the movements.


Rehabbing an injury can take months so this process sucks the enjoyment out of going to the gym. But, the cheat sheet makes the class session accessible again. It gives you a process. It gives you a system that you wish your physio or chiro could give you but unless they are a coach that has been scaling and modifying CrossFit workouts for almost 10 years, you simply won't get this from them.


The cheat sheet bridges the gap between injured and not injured. The typical advice is rest for a period of time and then, off you go, back to training because you are magically cured. It shouldn't be you either resting or you're training, the body needs to be taken care of and we can't simply go from resting for 6-8 weeks to training as normal again.


The cheat sheet allows you to train while you are seeking treatment for your injury, it not only keeps you healthy but it keeps you sane. It gives you the answers and you don't have to walk into the gym being unsure of what you can do. 


If you're a coach, you need this system.

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