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Great programming, online community and coach feedback.

When you sign up you get access to SugarWOD for your programming and logs plus you will be able to join our private Facebook group for group calls, movement videos, coach support and regular Q & A's.

The programming consists of;

The Workout Of The Day

Olympic Weightlifting

Cardiovascular Endurance

Gymnastics Accessories

Competitors Extras

These elements are spread throughout the week. Most days you will see a lift, a WOD and gymnastics.

The WOD is daily while we rotate the additional work as needed. Each day you can complete the WOD on it's own or add some or all additional pieces. It can be 20-30 minute session or it can be 90-120 minutes which would be ideal for competitors (open or masters) or advanced athletes with lots of free time. 

Minimum effective dose is for the person that wants to be fit and healthy without spending hours in the gym. Do the main track plus the occasional extra. Maximum recoverable dose is for competitors doing every element and pushing for competitive capacity in the open and quarter-finals/semi-finals.

Equipment requirements

Bare minimum: Base + barbell, plates, squat rack, low rings, medicine ball, DBs, skipping rope, box, wall space, KBs, booty band, resistance bands.

Ideal: above + pull up bar, cardio machine, high rings.

Competitors: above + climbing rope, GHD, multiple cardio machines, sandbag, sled.

  • CFK Programming

    Every month
    • Access to all programming on the SugarWOD app.
    • Includes briefs, warm ups and cool downs.
    • Six days of programming.
    • Feedback from three CFL3 trainers in our private FB group.

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