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Build better habits.

The results you want will be found when your nutrition supports them.

We offer online nutrition coaching at different levels of support. You will work one-on-one with one of our certified coaches to help you pursue your health, aesthetic and performance goals.

We are in it for the long term results, not a quick fix. Whatever your timeline is for your goal, triple it. That's the reality of changing our habits...

It takes time.

We seek delayed gratification, we endeavour to fall in love with the process and we want to learn about ourselves along the way.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

Also, did you hear?


2024 is going to be different...


This year we are changing the structure of coaching, every month there will be a new focus and a new masterclass with a printable workbook.


Not only will you get one-on-one coaching but you will also be in our monthly masterclass live coaching calls with Kate.


This is going to be life changing! We have NEVER done this before.


Monthly topics:


January Growth is the only option. Why you must choose to grow and invest in your process.

February Selfishness and why you have to stop being scared of it.

March Emotional eating. How to stop eating your feelings.

April Choosing your habits instead of letting your habits choose you.

May The lost art of building confidence.

June Believing in the possibility of change and why being stuck is a fallacy.

July Unlearning what you think is health.

August How to be unhappy and how to unlock happiness.

September Become the strongest version of yourself.

October Let go of your fantasy body.

November When cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias are ruling your life.

December How to get out of your own way.

Kate with headphones and microphone with the words 2024 Masterclass

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Not everyone will track their food, but many of us will need to track for 2 weeks if not 8-12 weeks, depending on your goals. 

Tracking allows us to turn what you eat into data and better understand things like how much protein you are eating and how much fibre you get each day.

Your coach can see what you track so this is the ultimate form of accountability.

On your check-in day each week you will complete your personalised check-in form.

We want all the details, spill the tea, dish the goss and don't hold back. The more you open up in your check-ins, the more we can give you as coaches.

Every 6-8 weeks, we will schedule another call with you to catch up. We are invested in building a relationship with you and making it personal. We like to follow our clients on social media and get messages from them throughout the week.




Two people taking online

Within 24 hours of your check-in, you will receive your feedback from your coach.

Feedback is often 500-1000+ words and always had a big focus on support and education. We want to identify the wins, give you something that you can work on for the upcoming week and help you understand the 'why'.

Sometimes you need the pull-your-socks-up coach and sometimes you need the we're-gonna-get-through-this coach. Either way, you coach endeavours to give you what you need for long-term success and sustainability. 

"It turns out that I have trained myself to love and enjoy food again.
After growing up with "skinny me teas", "cardio and HIIT workouts" only and eating the bare minimum, I am so proud of myself to have been able to build a nourishing and healthy relationship with food again."

Alexa Young, CA



typing on keyboard

Select your membership, create an account and complete your sign up. 


Desktop with message and mobile device with message

Check your inbox (and spam) and follow the link to complete your intake form.



When your coach has been assigned to you, you will get an email to schedule your first call.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.


Payments and cancelling


The membership is a four week subscription and you are agreeing to be charged every four weeks when you purchase a membership. The subscription can be terminated upon the clients request. To cancel, please contact your coach or Your cancellation request must be made two business days prior to your payment processing to avoid being charged. We offer cancellations but not refunds so be sure to get your email in on time.


Coaching expectations

This is 1:1 coaching with weekly online check-ins. The service does not provide ongoing meal plans and there is no in-person coaching. Your coach wants to meet you where you are at, we are happy to discuss doing zoom calls, phone calls and other styles of check-ins, however the program is set up as online check-ins via email. Any requests need to be discussed and agreed upon with your coach. 


Coach access

Our coaches work Monday to Friday with the odd weekend. They are available to you and you are welcome to reach out to them outside of your check-in, we aim to reply within 24 hours. If you are on a weekly accountability membership, your contact is limited to your check-in (however we are forgiving with the odd message here and there). If you are on the unlimited access membership, you can contact your coach at any time. Please be patient if you contact your coach late at night, early in the morning or on weekends, in these instances they may take a little longer to respond to you. If you do not get a response, please email

Two weeks closed per year

We shut down the business for 14 days every year, once at Christmas for a week and once in July. Part of signing on with us means that you accept and agree to this, it allows our coaches, who are contractors, to take a week off once a year! At any other point, if your coach is unavailable, you will either be provided with another coach to cover for that period or your membership will be paused until your coach returns. This is rare but can happen. We always endeavour to provide another coach temporarily before we leave you without a coach!


We are not doctors

CFK Nutrition does not offer services beyond it's scope of practice, any feedback provided should not be considered health or medical advice, we are nutrition coaches with the appropriate certificates, not specialists, dieticians or nutritionists. Always consult with your doctor or physician on any matters regarding your health.

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